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Antique Salt Shakers is a group of salt and sugar shaker collectors who encourage, promote, and support the showcasing, collection, and study of antique and vintage glass salt and sugar shakers. We have given our website a makeover!

Antique Salt Shakers showcases the coolest and rarest S&P Shakers from Estate Sales all around the U.S.

The salt shakers pictured above and below are some of the most recent of over 5,100 shakers that have been sent by our friends and members to our “ID Committee” to determine origin (maker) and report any other information about the shaker.

This weeks Salt and Pepper Shaker Showcase

This week we are featuring this cool Collectible salt and pepper shaker set. This weeks features is a cool Monkey sitting on an organ grinder! This is super old probably from the 1950’s or 1960’s. Do you have one like this to sell? We can feature yours and help you get it sold fast! E-mail: Sales@HaggleCity.com to list your Salt and Pepper Shakers in their marketplace!

Our website and club members research files and international reference materials such as books on Victorian glass, company catalog pages, and museum sites. If you click on the “Identify Unknown Shaker” heading (left above), you will learn more about the Committee procedures, go to Numerical or Alphabetical listings of all shakers that have been ID’d, visit picture galleries of shakers that have been ID’d or are still “unknown,” or click “Home” to return to this “Welcome” page to make another selection. If you click on each shaker above (as well as those in the Numerical or Alphabetical listings), you will be led to specific information about that shaker. Little is known about several of the ID shakers above. If you have more information, please contact your webmaster or Brad Gougeon, our ID chairman. Read articles about special shakers or about Club activities by clicking on other headings above.

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