Barbie Doll Clothing Ideas

A lot of salt and pepper shaker collectors also are into collecting other things! We have surveyed many of our members and we’ve uncovered that we have a lot of Barbie Doll collectors in our groups! We wanted to take time to showcase some great ideas for your Barbie Doll Clothes

Many collectors have even begun to put face masks on their dolls in 2020 and 2021. See this cool collage of face masks that The Doll Tailor website has put together for us! Antique Salt Shakers is partnering up with many different clubs and groups of various collectors.

Barbie collectors are even putting custom clothes on their Ken Dolls! If you have pictures showcasing your Doll Clothes please submit them to:

Salt and Pepper Shaker Barbie?

Many collectors are even asking for us to somehow make a Barbie Salt and Pepper Shaker! Should we??

There are many new brands of shakers and even barbies that are coming out every month in the U.S. and worldwide. Please stay tuned to see what new brands and products we showcase here on Antique Salt Shakers in the up and coming weeks!