How To Buy Antique Art Collections

We have expanded our website to also feature and showcase beautiful vintage and antique Art! Collecting are is expensive hobby but does have its payoffs! There are so many stories of people who have found Art in dumpsters to then be surprised at its value. We will showcase many great stories and news about Art and the success selling and buying stories here.

Art For Your Home

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When considering to put art in your space you should consider many things before making that big purchase. Does the painting have “Wall Power” ? Meaning does it pop off the wall when you walk into a room?

What colors should you choose?

Some of the more favorite colors are Red, Calming Greens, and earth tones. It really depends on what type of mood you are trying to set in your space.

If you want a piece that has wall power, you may want to consider something with red in it. Or a Red Accent in the piece. See these pictures of Art Pieces that would be considered “Wall Power” Pieces.