Vintage Shakers Gift Ideas

Many enthusiast of salt and pepper shakers fall into the hobby by accident. But the fact still remains the same that giving a funny gift of a Salt and Pepper Shaker like from a well known brand, or TV show can put a smile on a loved one’s face.

When deciding to find a cool Gag Gift, or a thoughtful funny gift, S&P Shakers is the way to go!

Gift Ideas and Tips

  1. Find out what your targets interests are.
  2. Find out if they already have S&P shakers.
  3. Ask if they cook or like to spend time in their kitchen.
  4. Figure out what type of funny stories would help you select the right type of theme. Example: Did they have a funny accident at a Pizza place? Or Did they have a funny memory at the beach? If that’s the case you can gift them a funny Pizza Chef or Beach themed Shaker Set.
  5. Find a cool website that sells Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets. We recommend eBay or Haggle City.
  6. Make your purchase and make sure to wrap the shakers well if you’re shipping them.
  7. When you loved one opens the box they will smile!

See The Article on New York Times that discusses how families fall into the Salt and Pepper Collection Clubs through Flea Markets and Inheritance.

If you’re looking for more tips and gift ideas feel free to checkout our Home Page to see this weeks rare and cool Salt and Pepper Shaker Set.